Some period ago every bush was excited, genuflection to the power of the great and fearsome storm, dithering, coiling, stirring their twigs in glorious keenness like adoration. But though to the external ear these plants are now silent, their tunes never stop. Every concealed cell is sore with melody and life, every backbone thrilling like pieces of strings, though incense is always flowing from the ointment bells and greeneries. No wonder the mountains and groves were God's first shrines, and the extra they are cut down and chopped into cathedrals, the beyond and dimmer appears the Lord himself.”

(John Muir)

Incense has traditionally been in practice for many years for the purpose of celebration in different types of forms even being or having less evolved state like resin, leaves, and dried wood. Incense burning has traditionally been carried in history because of its spiritual healing benefits and sweet fragrance.


Many beautiful incenses are available like coils, sticks, powders, or cones. Traditionally incense sticks have always been popular among many nations but now these days the cone burning trend has become the major trend due to its process having more benefits and efficiency in burning incense.


Due to the popularity of the incense cone burning trend and the popularity of aromatherapy; incense cone burners are quite popular these days. Incense burners are known to be highly creative pieces of art designed to hold burning incense cones

Unlike sticks of incense, the incense of cone burns downwards therefore these burners are called backflow burners. Some of the popular cone incense burners are the backflow cone incense burner and waterfall cone incense burner.